Friday, November 7, 2008

Towards Communal Understanding...

Today has been my second time since matric that I went to a church here, to meet Rev. X. If previously my intention was to have some discussions on Cristianity, but today the sole aim is to invite Rev. to be one of the speaker for the forthcoming InterFaith Dialog. Here are some of the notes that I made from today’s experience:

1) Communal Agreeement

a) In the lanscape pluralistic Malaysian country, similarities between ethnics, cultures, traditions & even religions should make Malaysian closer & stronger.

b) The above statement does not mean that I choose to agree upon things which can not be compromised such as fundamental creeds of belief ( aqeedah) but rather we work on things/issues which can be agreed upon.

c)For instance, (back to the discussion with Reverend X), he stressed the importance of active role in the issue of Palestine -The Occupied Land-, though we Muslims in Malaysia believe that only Muslims that concern about Palestine.

d) To be fair, we Muslim should not only pity our brothers in Palestine but at the same time should expand the universality of Islam by showing our protest to anybody or any nations whose rights are being wronged by the oppresors. Quran stresses in ch 5:8 that we should stand forth for justice regardless who we are or who we are facing.

e)Apart from that, Muslim, Christian, Hindu & Buddist should work hand in hand to curb much issues like atheist, permissive-ism, homosexuality,& ‘money politic or anythings that could cause disharmony on earth.

f) Based on this stance, inter-religious (& thus inter nations;malay, chinese, india) understanding could be instilled in a more practical way.

g) I personaly think that Goverment should have a thorough insight on this inter-religious understanding agenda & allow academic discourse on issues related to Muslims & non-muslims to be done (without any political agenda) rather than spending millions of RM for programs like National Service for unity.

h) Muslims need to be open minded & face the matters pertinent to Islam bravely & professionally. Islam provides platform for dialog & reasoning even to those who we may think have gone astray (Quran 2: 111)


November 7th, 2008


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