Sunday, June 10, 2007

Homosexuality: It is in Your Gene..!? Part 1


Zack had been attending a private college for more than a year now. He didn’t have a chance to visit his parents in their kampong very often now. When he did get home, his visits were usually limited to holidays. Thanksgiving, his inter-semester holiday had finally rolled around, and he found himself hopping on the TransX express headed for Bahau, his home.

This trip home was a problem for him. No matter how often or how deeply he thinks about it over his mind, he couldn’t find a solution. ْHe had something to tell his parents that he didn’t think they would accept it at all. Over the past year, Zack became to realize something about himself. He had come out; he was gay.

As he watched the scenery roll by his bus seat, he started to think about his new ‘experience’ during the past in the metropolis of KL, where he actually studied. He had chosen that college for a variety of reasons. He found that a person could do a lot of hiding among thousands of students. He also found that there were other men who felt just like he did. He also met a guy name Zam who lately had been spending a lot of time with him. He discovered that he had never felt so comfortable in relationship before, as his friends in secondary schools might react harshly to what he might share with them. However, lives in college was different, he could feel the chemistry between Zam and himself. He found how much he enjoyed expressing his affection for Zam both verbally and ‘physically’.

Before this, he used to come across a study on homosexuality, which in sum told that homosexuality was not an acquired disorder but genetically determined. Thus, he felt that It wasn’t his fault since some of his friends several times argued with him to exposed the wickedness of his stand. “Tidak ku pinta cacat begini” his little heart spoke softly. Zack become more confidence as he realized that the western community commonly accepts the practice of homosexuality.

Zack was jolted from his dream as the bus pulled up to the local bus stop. He could see his parents waiting to pick him up. There was his father with a big smile on his face, waving at the son he was so proud of. Zack smiled, waved back and thought “Oh Zack, you have to make it “. He stepped off the bus…

To be continued..

12.00pm 10/6/07


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